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VGM Central is a hub on the direct connect network.

  1. If you already have a direct connect client and it is setup in active mode, then skip to step 5. If not, read on.
  2. Imagine a direct connect hub a bit like an irc channel or chat room, but you can download from users and search everyone's files at once. Now you have the basic idea, go out and get a client, such as BCDC++ or DC++ (BCDC++ is a lot like DC++, but has options such as bandwidth limiting).
  3. Install it. Once you're running it, use the documentation to help you add shared folders and setup such trivial things such as your nickname and description.
  4. If you can, you will need to now forward ports so you can go into active mode. Active mode is way better than passive - passive users can't connect to each other, and every passive search puts load on the hub. If you are connected directly with a modem, or you are behind a router (that is your own) then you should be able to setup port forwarding. If you are on a university or other shared network, you may not be able to go active. See for more help on this. (They have a DC++ tutorial, and information on many routers).
  5. Now once you've decided you have gone active (or cannot) you will need to read the rules, so you qualify for verification. Once you've read the rules and are sure you're all good to go, join the hub at and then wait for an op to verify you.
  6. Enjoy.


VGM Central Official Rules

1. Share at least one complete, appropriately labelled (including track numbers), officially released Video Game Music (VGM) album. Singles, rips, redbooks, etc. do not count. If we are unable to locate your VGM, you will be kicked.
2. Make sure your description starts with VGM.
3. Do not spam/flood the chat, verbally attack other members, be disruptive (in the chat or through the network), or pretend you didn't see this.
4. Do not change your name for no good reason as it unfairly breaks peoples' queues. However, if you're using a different computer with a different share, then you're counted as a different user. But you need to tell us about it first.

The Neo-Modus Direct Connect client (NMDC) is not allowed, as it allows you to be cloned. You will be banned if you use it. We recommend you use DC++.

If you have a problem with the hub's moderation, feel free to criticise, as long as you can keep it civil. You may message OpChat to enter a private conversation with all the ops. If you start insulting the ops or members of the hub, you will be banned.

Please let other people you refer here know the rules in advance.



Q: I'm an unverified user, what does it mean?

A: It means you do not have an account in the hub yet; you can't download, upload or search for files.

Q: How do I become verified?

A: You will be checked when an operator is present. Operators have a list of unverified users.
Getting verified might take time so be patient, DO NOT message operators or spam the chat about it.
Make sure you're following the rules in the meantime.

Q: I'm verified now, the bot says something about changing the password, what do I do?

A: Right-click the hub tab, it's located under the transfer window and it's labelled as whatever you labelled the hub.
A list of commands appears when you click on it, choose "change password".
Add the password in your favourite hubs so that you don't have to type it out every time.

Q: Will I be verified again if I change my nickname?

A: No, name changing is against the rules and will get you banned.

Q: What does official VGM soundtrack mean?

A: These are game music albums that have been released and can be bought from certain stores, just like movie soundtracks.

Q: What does unofficial VGM soundtrack mean?

A: These are fan made recordings or direct audio rips from a game, including redbooks.

Q: What's the point of the description rule (#2)?

A: This rule simply shows if you have read, understood & agreed to the rules.
Make sure you put the description in the correct place (file/settings/description) as people often put it in their nickname, which is not required.

Q: Must I have VGM in my description in every hub I visit now?

A: No. Add the hubs you visit in your favourites and edit your nickname/description/password from there.
This makes it possible to have a different nickname/description in each hub you are connected to, at the same time.

Q: Is upload limiting allowed in this hub?

A: Yes, as long as it's kept reasonable.


This page was deprecated: 2010-05-05, after the hubsoftware was changed and verification no longer made necessary. See the new rules here.