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Most of the issues are already covered by the "How do I get in?" page and the rules, but here is a questions and answers script. Hopefully you can figure things out from this. Pretend you're the one in bold. Each section is a different problem.

Cannot connect

Cannot search/download

I can't connect to VGM Central at all, and I've already been on it successfully from this machine before.

Does it say you're banned? If so, stop trying to join and read your logs to find out when you were banned and what for. Wait.

No, I wasn't banned.

You can try checking the forum on for any information. The hub may be down.

It doesn't appear to be down.

Can you connect to any other hubs on the direct connect network? (If not, you have connection issues beyond this guide).

Yeah, actually I can.

Did you change your nick, or unshare your VGM, or break any of the rules (such as not having VGM at the start of your description)?

I don't think so...

Are you sharing anything? The hub won't let you in if your share is 0 bytes. Share some stuff. Remember you have to be sharing a VGM album (as per the rules) at least.

Well, I checked that. I am.

Try it later. It may be your connection playing up.

I can't search or download.

You probably have problems with port forwarding and active mode then. You can go passive to check this, in settings>connection settings.

Oh yeah, I can do things now.

You do not want to stay passive if at all possible. If you are connected directly to the internet with a modem or your own router, then you can almost certainly go active through port forwarding. Since I can't be bothered to reinvent the wheel and make an entire port forwarding guide again, go over to and follow everything step by step. If you run into any issues, you can try asking people in VGM Central, but people don't like to be bugged for things that can be answered through an online guide that's mentioned here.

It looks pretty complicated.

Yeah, I realise it can look a little daunting. Choose ports in settings>connection settings after setting "firewall with manual port forwarding", forward both tcp and udp, make sure your software firewall is not blocking them, put your outward facing internet IP in the box in connection settings (you can find this out from, for example).

I followed the guide on portforward and made sure windows firewall wasn't blocking the correct ports! Thanks!

No problem.

If you genuinely cannot go active, just stick with passive. If you are behind firewalls you cannot control, such as at university or other shared connection, give up now (or delve into http tunnelling, but that's not for this guide)